Project 1


Services required: Environmental Management, Planning & Development, Highways & Transport, Surveying, Project Management


Venture Property Services (VPS) first started work at Fairford when our client, HBC, wanted to acquire land for storage and sales purposes. Following acquisition, a planning application failed on the grounds of "change of use". VPS was then approached by Malcolm Brothers of Brothers' Petroleum to negotiate a deal on behalf of HBC for the purchase of the land as this site was no longer required by our client. Following acquisition, Cotswold District Council (CDC) advised Brothers' Petroleum to approach VPS to assist them with their major planning application which included a fuel oil storage depot, electrical product production and a major office development. Working with CDC, VPS was successful in obtaining a major planning permission on behalf of Brothers' Petroleum.

Fairford Concrete subsequently contacted VPS to obtain a 3 year lease with a view of buying part of the land from Brothers' Petroleum for a concrete beam production facility. A lease was never agreed, instead Fairford Concrete bought the land from Brothers' Petroleum and asked VPS to assist with the planning application for a concrete beam and slab production with associated plant and offices. Over the years, Fairford Concrete, with their success has continued to expand requiring the on going services of VPS to assist with negotiations and planning applications.

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