Project 2


Services required: Environmental Management, Planning & Development, Surveying


Venture Property Services (VPS) was approached by J Reddington & Co to assist with the planning permission for a new factory where the impact on the environment and local surroundings was of a major concern. The local surroundings consist of nearby residential homes, a local school & a play park for children and an adjacent stream where potential contamination issues needed to be addressed. From a previous involvement with both a site acquisition and planning applications for the extension to the existing adjacent chemical storage factory, VPS were well placed to assist J Reddington in resolving land contamination issues as well as the planning application conditions.

As part of the application, VPS proposed a major landscaping scheme along the boundary fronting the stream, adjacent homes and the school. Following approval VPS supervised the treatment of the ground and planting during the first available season.

The ground contamination monitoring, as agreed with the Environment Agency and local Environmental Health Department, is an ongoing and on site records being maintained.

Due to the introduction of the factory operation, concerns have been raised on noise issues and ongoing discussions have taken place with the Local Authority, VPS having assisted with on site noise monitoring which has resulted in various proposals being considered.

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