VPS experience in the field of telecommunications evolved from the late 80's when Microtel (now Orange) including Unitel (now T Mobile) started to compete against Vodafone and Cellnet.  The early 90's proved to be the start of mobile phone accessibility, no longer aimed at businesses but communities as a whole.  During this period, VPS set up offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester and had to identify suitable sites, as reviewed and agreed with the various Engineering Departments, including the establishment of acceptable agreements including rental levels.  Following agreement on the location, VPS then carried out a full survey, including structural, to primarily confirm the site's suitability, and also design features such as loading, distribution pads etc.

VPS would then review the planning aspect, and where applicable, submit either a notice of intended works under the Telecoms Directive or apply for planning permission, although the latter would be avoided where possible.

The actual installation was carried out by one of several companies whose specific role was the physical installation.  Project management services were also provided, giving an overall effective control on behalf of the telecom operators.

VPS overcame any conflict of interest between the various telecom operators by utilising different personnel as well as locations, sometimes causing immense administration but achieving the client's wishes.

VPS telecom then became poacher changed game keeper in providing dedicated services to Landlords only, providing lease negotiations and rent review services.

VPS are therefore well placed to offer the client a dedicated service, having been involved in the full range of services, which can now be adopted to assist them in their aims and objectives to maximise their rental income stream.

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